Stroke, informal caregivers, race/ethnicity, intervention



  1. Lopez, Janet MPH, BSN, RN


Purpose: The specific aims of this scoping review of the literature are to (1) map the current scope of literature regarding nonpharmacological interventions for informal stroke caregivers and (2) explore the degree to which racial/ethnic minority groups were represented in nonpharmacological interventions for stroke caregivers in the United States.


Design and Methods: Arksey and O'Malley's methodological framework was used to conduct this scoping review. The framework entails formulating research questions, developing criteria for selecting relevant studies, charting the data, and synthesizing results.


Findings: The scoping review yielded 11 studies that varied in intervention design, methods of implementation, and outcome measurements. The review indicated that racial and ethnic minorities were less likely to be represented in nonpharmacological intervention studies for stroke caregivers.


Conclusion: Currently, there is sparse research that focuses on interventions with family caregivers of varying racial/ethnic groups in the United States.