1. Mikhail, Judy N. PhD, MBA, RN

Article Content

We are excited to announce a new journal redesign for 2022. It has been over a decade in the making. With this redesign, we hope to continue our mission to deliver the highest quality evidence to trauma teams globally. This redesign has been in development for the past 12 months. It is a much-needed update that aligns us with other similar academic journals and sets us up for success as we move toward our 30th year of communicating science with fresh clarity and style.


We retained our trademark red cover with the global background but now have added the list of included articles on the cover for reader convenience. We worked with designers at Wolters Kluwer to adjust the organization, labeling, and article layout that will help readers navigate between sections and article types, making them easier to read. Most notably, the abstract will be depicted across the page instead of columns, providing a cleaner, more modern look. The article citation is now provided at the bottom of the abstract. The Key Points box is now moved earlier in the article. The use of color and shading is done judiciously throughout, and the figures and tables have increased white space with a font that is in proportion to the text. The overall look is streamlined and professional.


Another exciting change is the expansion of article types from three to eight so that there is something for everyone. From novice to expert, there is an article type to fit your writing needs (see Table 1). Each article type has different requirements, so it is important to follow the JTN Author Guidelines carefully.

Table 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowTable 1.

We love all these changes, and we hope that you, our readers, do, too. Happy writing!