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  1. Creapeau, Lindsey J. G. EdD
  2. Johs-Artisensi, Jennifer L. PhD
  3. Lauver, Kristy J. PhD


OBJECTIVE: This study investigates practices that may help retain certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and address the staffing challenges faced in long-term care.


BACKGROUND: CNAs are critical to quality care and retention has never been more challenging. To solve this staffing crisis, understanding the unique perspective of CNAs is imperative.


METHODS: In semistructured interviews, 5 nursing assistants, the director of nursing, and the nursing home administrator at 59 long-term care facilities answered 4 questions, providing multiple perspectives about causes and solutions to CNA staffing challenges.


RESULTS: Key responses for each stakeholder group were identified. CNAs highlighted the nature of the job as a bigger challenge than leadership recognized. Although pay is a top concern, emotional support, training, relationship-building, communication, and the work culture can be equally important in reducing turnover.


CONCLUSION: When organizational leaders understand how to meet the needs and interests of CNAs, they can reduce turnover.