1. Bean, Kathy B. PhD, RN, CGRN, APRN, BC, Editor

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2005 has proved to be an exceptional year for Gastroenterology Nursing. For the first time ever, we have exceeded our annual page allotment, indicating that authors are anxious to publish their work in the journal. We've averaged two continuing education articles per issue, added new columns, published two special supplements, and in each issue (with the exception of the current issue), have published five feature articles in 2005!!

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With the increased submissions and all of the work associated with this increase, the editorial team has decided to adopt the use of a review panel for Gastroenterology Nursing in 2006. Beginning in May 2006, experts in gastroenterology nursing will be invited to participate in the manuscript review process. While members of the Editorial Board will continue to participate in manuscript review, sharing this responsibility with expert reviewers will allow the Board to focus their time and efforts on other aspects of the journal such as author recruitment and column development.


Many of you are considered by your peers to be experts in one or several areas of gastroenterology nursing practice and you should consider submitting your name as a potential reviewer!! While members of the Editorial Board are required to have previous publication experience, reviewers are not required to have published before. To be a reviewer, you must simply have an interest in supporting the efforts of the Gastroenterology Nursing editorial team to disseminate quality manuscripts focused on developing the science and art of gastroenterology nursing.


Here's how the review process works: Gastroenterology Nursing uses a blind-review process where neither the reviewer nor the author knows the identity of the other. When a manuscript is submitted for review, the Editor selects a minimum of two reviewers to read the manuscript, make suggestions for improvement, and make a recommendation regarding publication. A review form is used with standardized criteria for evaluation of each manuscript. Space for general reviewer comments is also provided. In 2006, Gastroenterology Nursing will be moving to an on-line submission process, so reviewers should also have basic Internet and computer skills.


Typically, suggestions for improvement are made by the reviewers and the manuscript is returned to the author for the opportunity to respond to the reviewer comments. If reviewer recommendations were minimal, the Editor will usually review the manuscript upon resubmission and make a final decision regarding publication. If reviewer recommendations were extensive, the manuscript may be sent out for a second review, either to the same reviewers or to a new team of reviewers.


Reviewer expertise is needed in many areas of practice, research, and education. For clinical articles, expertise in patient care, procedural care, focused patient populations, and education are examples of broad categories of need. For research articles, expertise in the research process including research design and use of statistics is especially helpful. For management articles, familiarity with managerial issues and the latest management techniques is needed. In reality, reviewers with a broad area of expertise, typical or atypical, are needed!!


To submit your name for consideration, simply e-mail the Editor ([email protected] or [email protected]) expressing your interest in being considered for an appointment to the review panel. Include information about yourself such as your credentials, years of practice (general and in gastroenterology), type of practice setting (teaching hospital, ambulatory surgical center, office, academia, etc.) and your area(s) of expertise in gastroenterology nursing practice. Any information you can provide that will help in matching your expertise with submitted manuscripts would be helpful. Reviewers will be acknowledged annually in Gastroenterology Nursing for their contributions.


As we move into a new year, this is the perfect opportunity to stretch yourself professionally and make a valuable contribution to our nursing specialty. The importance of influencing the art and science of gastroenterology nursing along with documenting historically our thoughts and ideas regarding our practice is critical in moving our profession and specialty forward. Serving as a member of the Gastroenterology Nursing review panel is the perfect chance to develop new skills as well as maximize your impact on the care of gastroenterology patients. I'd love to hear from you!!