1. Medlock, Nancy RN, CHPN

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Your path is no mistake,


Instead the most important segment of a journey short in length.


Unfinished life abruptly ending?


Life full of purpose and accomplishment!


What is your mission, I wonder,


As I stare into your perfect almond eyes.


There won't be time for many interactions;


The ones you are a part of-timeless.


The hardest hearts are softened by your plight.


Unaware, unable to prevent the change.


A new appreciation born of your sad fate


Will last forever without true understanding.


Desperate souls, focused on their own misfortune,


Have but to touch your tiny hand


And feel your grasp around their callused finger,


Communicating, somehow, of a hope that seemed to be so far out of their reach.


A few, who have found nothing to believe in,


Find solace in your tiny show of strength.


They suddenly believe there's something greater


Than the lonely darkness they have accepted as their truth.


Your smile, unafraid-all knowing,


Captures the souls of those around you.


A tiny impact, pure power tightly gathered


That will forever change the journey of so many.


Nancy Medlock


(Thoughts on the Death of an Infant Girl)