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  1. Koike, Shotaro PhD, MSN, RN, PHN
  2. Sasaki, Shinsuke PhD, MSN, RN, PHN, MT
  3. Yano, Rika PhD, MSN, RN, PHN


The authors aimed to investigate the possibility of collecting blood samples from above patient intravenous infusion sites by temporarily stopping the infusions while collecting the blood. A hypotonic infusion solution was administered to 5 male patients through the cephalic veins in the forearms of their left upper limbs. The biochemical data of blood collected from the median cubital veins of both patients' arms were compared. The results showed that infusions could change some biochemical test parameters, such as potassium and glucose, to higher levels, even if the infusion was interrupted temporarily during the blood collection from above the insertion site. Blood counts remained unchanged under the same conditions. If the evaluation is performed solely to assess blood counts, using a blood collection site above the insertion site by temporarily interrupting the infusion is feasible.