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  1. Wadsworth, Pamela PhD, RN, WHNP-BC
  2. Estrada, Armando X. PhD


OBJECTIVES: To examine experiences, context, and outcomes of personal and bystander harassment among hospital nurses.


BACKGROUND: Harassment of nurses is common, affecting victims and bystanders. Yet, little is known about the nature and context of these experiences.


METHOD: A cross-sectional study of hospital nurses was completed via an anonymous online survey.


RESULTS: A majority of nurses experienced personal or bystander harassment. Nearly half experienced both of these forms of harassment. Personal harassment victims frequently told their managers and coworkers, but actions to prevent further harassment or mitigate harm were rare. Bystanders frequently intervened to help victims of personal harassment but rarely reported it. These experiences negatively impacted work relationships and performance.


CONCLUSION: Personal and bystander harassment may co-occur in cultures that tolerate harassment. The lack of response to personal harassment and lack of reporting of bystander harassment may perpetuate it.