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  1. Izadi, Masoomeh BSc, MSN
  2. Ghaedi-Heidari, Fatemeh BSc, MSN, PhD
  3. Sadeghi, Tabandeh BSc, MSN, PhD
  4. Ahmadi, Atefeh MD, PhD
  5. Sayadi, Ahmadreza-Reza BSc, MSN, PhD
  6. Seyedbagheri, Seyedhamid BSc, MSN, PhD


Mothers experience posttraumatic stress disorder with the birth of a premature neonate. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction on posttraumatic stress of mothers with premature neonates in Iran. Sixty mothers with premature neonates were selected by using convenience sampling and stratified random allocation. Mindfulness-based stress reduction was trained and mean posttraumatic stress disorder was measured. Mean posttraumatic stress scores of the 2 groups were statistically significant immediately and 1 month after the intervention (independent t test, P < .05). Posttraumatic stress of both groups reduced over time, but this reduction was more significant in the intervention group (repeated-measures analysis of variance, P < .05). Concerning the positive role of mindfulness-based stress reduction in posttraumatic stress disorder of mothers, it is recommended to use this approach in care programs of mothers with premature neonates.