culture, gender, global competencies, global nursing leadership development, mentoring, strategies



  1. Kim, Mi Ja PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Woith, Wendy RN
  3. Otten, Karine RN
  4. McElmurry, Beverly J. EdD, RN, FAAN


Globalization changes the benchmarking of excellence from national to "world class" standards. A synthesis of literature about global leadership was used to guide interviews with 17 nurse leaders from 8 countries in 5 continents. The leaders demonstrated leadership from early school years, learned from their mentors, had productive and sustained results in their work with peers and students, and realized their potential in becoming leaders in global health and nursing. The leadership development of future nurses requires formal and informal education, and training for global competencies, international experiences at home and abroad, and promoting and rewarding international work.