aging, driving regulation, family physicians, older drivers, safety



  1. Friedland, Judith PhD
  2. Rudman, Deborah Laliberte PhD
  3. Chipman, Mary MA
  4. Steen, Amy MScOT


The authors examined perceptions of family physicians regarding their role of monitoring seniors' driving. Three focus groups were held with family physicians that had 25% or more seniors in their practice. Physicians were asked about their role in regulating driving, their understanding of self-regulation, and risk factors requiring attention. Data were analyzed using an inductive analysis approach. Three themes emerged describing physicians' perspectives: reluctant regulators; making the role more manageable; and "grey" areas. Physicians are unhappy in their role and have many ideas for improving the system. Until they feel more comfortable, physicians will not be able to assume a proactive role, helping seniors to drive safely, longer.