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Throughout 2006, HPNA will highlight something special to demonstrate our ongoing pride for achieving the milestone of "Celebrating 20 Years in Promoting Excellence in End of Life Nursing." This month, we invite you to visit our redesigned Web site, Check out the new look, the new user-friendly style, and the many new offerings, including podcasts. If you have an MP3 player, you can now download the teleconferences to listen to while driving, exercising, or whenever else you might enjoy such use. As we fulfill our mission to foster professional development, we continually seek ways to offer education in ways that will fit into your busy lives. We would love to hear from you regarding this cutting-edge technology.


Also new in 2006 is the ability to renew membership online in the "Members Only" area of and receive one month of membership free. Join us in celebrating our continued growth while commemorating our special anniversary!


2005 Membership Survey

As per the HPNA Strategic Plan, the HPNA membership is surveyed every 3 years. The 2005 Membership Survey was conducted online during the month of September 2005. In total, 7348 members were contacted regarding the Web-based survey. Information was sent by email to 5660 members who had provided us with email addresses. The survey information, including Web site address, was mailed to the other 1688 members. Two members faxed completed surveys to us for inclusion.


1060 individuals visited the survey site.


109 individuals completed a portion of the survey and did not reach the "thank you" page.


835 individuals completed the full survey.



The full survey results can be viewed on the HPNA Web site,, under the "About Us" tab.


Congratulations to the Executive Boards and membership of our two new chartered chapters, awarded their Certificate of Charter at the HPNA Annual Membership Meeting!


HPNA Chapter of Central Maryland Region: Patrice Robins, President


HPNA Chapter of Hudson Valley: Gerry Nabozny, President



Contact information for all 17 chartered chapters and details about forming a local group in your area can be found on our Web site,, under the "membership" tab.


2006 Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF) Board of Directors

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of its FY 2006 Officers:


President: Jane Kirschling


Vice President: Cynda Rushton


Secretary/Treasurer: Barbara Miller



Members of the Foundation Board also extend a warm welcome to newly appointed board members Bridget Montana and Elizabeth Pitorak.


2005 Growth and Progress Report

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation (HPNF) has experienced significant growth over the past year, for which we are most grateful. We expect this trend to continue because of the experience and intellect of our leadership, the generous financial support of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) membership, sister organizations, and community partners, and our ongoing mission of promoting excellence in end-of-life nursing care. These combined attributes and our support to nurses through our grants, scholarship, awards, and research programs will ensure the continued growth of the organization.


Highlights of HPNF 2005 Activities

The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation provided to several nurses, HPNA Chapters, and healthcare professionals:


* Four educational scholarships


* Three educational grants


* Three certification scholarships


* One HPNF/Sigma Theta Tau Research Grant



New Members of the Florence Wald Fellows Program


* Mary Ersek


* Linda Gorman





* Project on Death in America Grant


* Ms. Malene Davis-First Recipient of the PDIA Nursing Leadership Award


* NBCHPN(R) Grant for Research



Web site


* New Web site launched:


* Redesign scheduled for completion by end of 2006



Foundation collects funds for Katrina Disaster


* HPNF collected over $15,300 for the Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization



The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation plays a significant role in our society as it strives to improve end-of-life nursing care. Please consider becoming a member of the Legacy for Tomorrow Society by including HPNF in your Will or via other deferred gifts. If you have questions about an HPNF donation, please contact Connie Cavrich, Director of Development, at 412-787-9301 or email at


HPNF 20/20 Campaign

Please join HPNF in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) by donating $20 to HPNF in honor of the many programs and services of HPNA or in memory of a loved one. The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation is conducting the 20/20 campaign in conjunction with the HPNA Chapters to encourage "Every Member" to contribute $20. We are grateful for the gifts that the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation receives, and all proceeds from this campaign will benefit the nurses and other healthcare professionals who provide end-of-life care.


HPNF to Host Florence Wald Fellows Program Dinners

In 2006, the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation is hosting three Florence Wald Dinners in three different cities across the country. If you are interested in becoming a Florence Wald Fellow to help lead the way to even greater comfort, more dignities, and higher quality end-of-life care, please contact Connie Cavrich at 412-787-9301 or The dinners promise to be interesting, thought provoking, and enjoyable.


2006 Florence Wald Dinners


April 6, 2006: Petroleum Club, Forth Worth, TX


May 25, 2006: Union Club, Cleveland, OH


October 30, 2006: Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, MD



New Board Members for 2006

NBCHPN(R) is pleased to welcome its two newest members, Beth Miller Kraybill and Patricia Berry, for 2006. Beth has extensive experience in hospice and palliative care nursing, including clinical expertise in pain and symptom management; pain research; project management; patient, family, and staff education; and community liaison roles. Pat has a background that includes education and presentations, research and scholarly work, publications and editorial experience, as well as maintaining commitments to several professional organizations and services.


Beth Miller Kraybill and Patricia Berry will be working alongside with our current Board of Directors, which includes Bonnie Morgan as President, Lyn DeSilets as Secretary, Jeanne Sergi as Treasurer, Mary Janet Bergstrand, Storm Deardoff, Mary Edwards, Lars Egede-Nissen, Susan Erlewine, Marlene Kestner, Sylvia Marcantel, Kerstin McSteen, and Jeanne Martinez as Past President.


2007 Call for Nominations

The NBCHPN(R) welcomes nominations for available positions for the Board of Directors and the four Examination Development Committees for 2007. If you or someone you know is certified and interested in serving your profession and is committed to end-of-life care, please contact the National Office via telephone at 412-787-1057, via fax at 412-787-9305, or via email at for an application packet. Completed application packets are due June 1, 2006.


Great care is taken to select candidates from both hospice and palliative care backgrounds, representing various geographic areas of the country and with clinical expertise, management, and academic expertise. It is very important that a sufficient number of qualified applicants be present to ensure the ongoing leadership for the certification process and accomplishment of the goals of the organization.


RDS Welcome

The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Role Delineation Study Advisory Group, along with the technical assistance of the professional testing company, Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), is conducting a Role Delineation Study in 2006 for the APN certification examination. A current and thorough practice analysis is a critical component of the certification examination program. This detailed and complex process is scheduled for completion by the middle of 2007. To assure ongoing communications, please be sure that your contact information, including your email address, is updated in the NBCHPN(R) database. If you have changes in your address or email, please contact The National Office at 412-787-1057 or We invite all APNs to participate. Log on to our Web site,, for more information.