1. Greenwald, Beverly PhD, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, NP-C, CGRN, RN

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The U.S. News and World Report ranks the Mediterranean Diet as the "#1 Best Diet Overall." This book was written to provide guidance for Midwesterners (and beyond) to make a shift to the Mediterranean lifestyle and feed the mind, body, and soul. The authors' goal was to provide a practical guide to adding features of the Mediterranean diet to a current nutrition plan. It shows the many benefits of making this lifestyle change such as the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, obesity, and depression.


These authors include a gastroenterologist (Dr. Nammour), cardiologist (Dr. Clardy), psychotherapist (W. Schultz), registered dietitian (Myrdal), agricultural researcher (Dr. Schultz), and farmer (Thomas). Their chapters are easy to read and cover a variety of helpful topics including a brief history of the Mediterranean Diet, healthy eating with these foods and flavors, farming, mental health, heart and gastroenterology health. The book also includes a set of recipes with tips to modify our current recipes with this Mediterranean flare. Once motivated, lay readers and healthcare professionals alike can learn how to buy the best "extra virgin" olive oil and add this "liquid gold" to our daily lives. Of special use are the tips for eating on a budget and the eight steps to making food your medicine. This book is useful for nurses as they embrace wellness and healthier eating habits. They can also refer to the book in providing nutritional health education to patients.