1. Kalankova, Dominika PhD, RN
  2. Bartosova, Petra BSc, RN
  3. Bartonickova, Daniela MSc, RN
  4. Ziakova, Katarina PhD, RN


Investigation of nurses' perceptions of patient safety culture (PSC) might be beneficial in identifying safety areas that need improvement, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study reports on the PSC in primary care from the nurses' perspective during the pandemic. Nurses (n = 117) evaluated teamwork (87.3%) and staff training (80.9%) positively but work pressure and pace (26.1%) and patient care tracking (45.3%) concerning PSC dimensions negatively. Limited care coordination and continuity lead to patient hospitalizations and care fragmentation. However, regular assessment of PSC can lead to adopting the necessary strategies to reinforce weaknesses and thus improve patient safety in primary care.