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For years, hot-water bottles have been used as a natural, healing alternative for a variety of ailments. From backaches to menstrual cramps to muscle pain, hot-water bottle treatments have been used by thousands looking for relief.


The World's Longest Water Bottle offers a natural and soothing solution for pain relief and provides comfort in a long ergonomic design. The World's Longest Water Bottle can be used hot or cold. When used with cold water, even menopausal women experiencing night sweats can cool down and have a more comfortable and restful night's sleep.


The bottle is safe, economical, and requires no electricity. Easy to handle and use, its uniquely designed air chambers make the bottle lightweight even when filled. The bottle will stay hot or cold for hours and comes with a soft, washable terrycloth cover for extra comfort. After use, empty the water and fold the bottle into a compact 11-in square for storage. Strong and durable, the bottle measures 4 ft long and 11 in wide.


Priced at $19.95, The World's Longest Water Bottle is a cost-effective warming/cooling product. To find out more or to order, please call (201) 288-4924 or visit