cancer patients, palliative care unit, self-efficacy, terminally ill



  1. Ueno, Kazumi MS, RN
  2. Kaneko, Fumiko MS, OTR
  3. Okamura, Hitoshi PhD, MD


To investigate factors associated with the self-efficacy of cancer patients admitted to a palliative care unit, the terminal cancer patient self-efficacy scale, symptom inventory, and nurse's response evaluation scale were administered twice, the first time within 10 days after the patient's admission (baseline), and the second time 2 weeks after the baseline survey. Of the 65 subjects, 11 served as the subjects of the final analysis. The results demonstrated that the attitude of nurses toward patients and their families was associated with the self-efficacy of cancer patients. This suggests that an attitude in which nurses listen carefully to patients and their families, understand their hopes, and respond to them is important in helping patients to have hope for life until the end and to be able to live the way they wish.