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  1. Nelson, Pamela J.
  2. Tucker, Sharon


PURPOSE: The purpose of this pilot study was to develop and evaluate a brief psychoeducational intervention to decrease pain catastrophizing, a focus on pain and its negative consequences in patients with fibromyalgia.


DESIGN: A case-study design was used to design the targeted intervention. The intervention was piloted with 2 small groups of patients and family members.


SAMPLE: Thirty-nine patients with fibromyalgia completed the surveys; patients/family members (N = 9) and ten interdisciplinary staff members participated in separate focus groups or e-mail surveys to provide data to develop the intervention. Two additional groups of patients and family members (N = 7) participated in the pilot intervention sessions.


FINDINGS: Catastrophic thinking and associated declines in function were confirmed by survey results and focus group themes. A 2-hour session using self-efficacy theory was developed from these findings and other data sources. The patients/family members in pilot groups reported an increased knowledge of pain catastrophizing and satisfaction with the intervention.


IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: A brief, psychoeducational offering that targets the reduction of catastrophizing is a feasible addition to the usual treatment protocol in a fibromyalgia treatment program and warrants further study.