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  1. Reid Ponte, Patricia DNSc, RN, FAAN
  2. Gross, Anne Harvey MS, RN, CNAA
  3. Galante, Andrea BSN, RN
  4. Glazer, Greer PhD, RN, CNP, FAAN


Senior executive nursing roles demand excellence and rigor in both the technical and interpersonal domains of leadership. Many nurse leaders have begun seeking innovative self-development programs and practices to assist them as they strive to improve their effectiveness as leaders in complex organizations. One practice that has gained in popularity is that of engaging a leadership "coach." To understand this relatively new trend in healthcare leadership, the authors interviewed 4 coaches and 4 nurse leaders who had been coached. In this article, they present their overall findings about the effectiveness of coaching as a leadership development tool and offer recommendations for leaders who are interested in engaging a coach.