content analysis, etiology, mixed methods approach, older driver safety, Precede-Proceed Model of Health Promotion, structural model, systematic literature review



  1. Classen, Sherrilene PhD
  2. Garvan, Cynthia W. PhD
  3. Awadzi, Kezia MA
  4. Sundaram, Swathy MPH
  5. Winter, Sandra MS
  6. Lopez, Ellen D. S. PhD
  7. Ferree, Nita MA


Using the Precede-Proceed Model of Health Promotion (PPMHP) and an etiological systematic literature review, we examined the risk/protective factors of older driver safety in the United States. We described key features of this literature review and developed a structural model illustrating the prevalence of risk/protective factors in the health domain (63%) and in other PPMHP domains (environment 20%; behavior and lifestyle 10%; predisposing 1%; reinforcing 3%, enabling 2%; health education 2%). This model, a first step in synopsizing and quantifying these risk/protective factors, informs rehabilitation professionals of their etiology and prevalence, affords opportunities for multidisciplinary research, and lays the foundation for intervention planning.