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Telehealth, curriculum, students, nurse practitioner education, simulation-based learning



  1. Berrier, Faith DNP, FNP-BC (Nurse Practitioner)


ABSTRACT: Telehealth usage increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Health care agencies responded by increasing existing platforms and implementing new telehealth platforms. Despite the demand, health care providers may have had little training in the telehealth care delivery model in the workplace or embedded in school. Based on educational theory, evidence, and best practice, the authors crafted a learning module that focused on telehealth medical skills followed by a summative standardized patient simulation. This article describes the development, implementation, and evaluation of the learning module and the summative simulation assessment. The learning module and the simulation provided a teaching strategy that resulted in an objective measurement of student clinical performance, which may be elusive in a traditional face-to-face practicum. Additionally, the simulation-based learning resulted in increased student satisfaction with simulation and increased self-confidence to apply the information in the clinical setting.