1. Pearson, Thomas E. DNP, RN, CFRN, NREMT
  2. Elwell, Sean MSN, RN, NE-BC, TCRN, EMT
  3. Paidas, Charles MD, MBA
  4. Duffy, Brian MD


Background: Traumatic injuries resulting from personal watercraft hydrostatic jets are expected to increase as personal watercrafts are affordable, portable, and used in an increasingly wide range of locales.


Case Presentation: This case study presents an unusual severe perineal injury in a 17-year-old adolescent girl resulting from a fall from a personal watercraft and contact with the vehicle's hydrostatic jet. This case report provides an overview of the mechanism, treatment, and prevention of personal watercraft injuries.


Conclusion: Knowledge of this mechanism's potential for serious morbidity and mortality, patient assessment and management principles, and injury prevention strategies are essential to providing effective trauma center care.