1. McVeigh, Kimberly OT, CHT, MBA
  2. Martinez, Dayana MHA
  3. Fazio, Jacey MHA
  4. Rizzo, Thomas D. Jr MD
  5. Munoz, Juan Irias MBA


This study evaluated a practice redesign to improve access into a specialty practice. The secondary goal was to improve financial performance, while avoiding an increase in physician burnout. Historical demand was utilized to calculate capacity. Next, data-driven schedules were developed for this practice. We also transitioned schedules from five 8-hour to four 10-hour workdays. Access was improved for news (100% increase), consultations (16% increase), and procedures (70% increase). Gross revenue increased by 10.62% and physician burnout reduced by 25%. This project offers insights into improving the efficiency of a resource-constrained practice, while improving financial performance and reducing burnout.