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July marks the halfway point through our anniversary year. We continue to celebrate with your support through the 20/20 campaign for the Foundation. We are very grateful for the many contributions received. The campaign continues throughout 2006, so if you have not made your contribution yet, there is still time.


A big event for HPNA in July is the Leadership Weekend, when all chapter presidents (or their designees) come to Pittsburgh for our chapter leadership workshop. Simultaneously, we invite Standing Association Committee chairs to attend and observe the July HPNA Board of Director meeting. These opportunities are intended to develop our internal leaders by helping them understand more about the association, the governance structure, and how present and future leaders will guide the growth of HPNA. It is another way to expose appointed leaders to the opportunities that will assist them in seeking elected positions in the future.


Also scheduled in July is a meeting with the Educational Program directors for the nine Master's programs across the United States. These programs include Ursuline College, New York University, University of Alabama School of Nursing, Medical University of South Carolina, Daemen College, Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois-Chicago, Madonna University, and University of California San Francisco. The purpose of the meeting is to gain knowledge and understanding of our internal stakeholders as we begin the process of developing nationally recognized educational standards, role, and specialty competencies, as required for the advanced practice roles in nursing. This is also a wonderful time for the HPNA Board to discuss the future of palliative nursing with academic leaders.


Speaker's Bureau

HPNA is now accepting applications or the 2007Y2008 Speaker's Bureau. All active HPNA members are eligible. Applicants will be judged on the their experience, references, and proposed presentations.


Once approved, your name and approved topics will be listed on our Web site. Approval for topics is for 2 years. Those interested in having you speak will contact the National Office. We will obtain their information and pass it along to you. The arrangement would be between you and them. You would also agree to an honorarium of not more than $250, plus expenses, for a single presentation up to 1 hour

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Members of the HPNA Board of Directors will review your application. After final board approval in January 2007, you will be notified of the approval outcome after the January board meeting. The Speaker's Bureau process and application form can be found on HPNA's Web site at or by calling the National Office at 412-787-9301. The deadline for application is December 1, 2006. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dena Jean Sutermaster by telephone at the National Office or by e-mail at [email protected].


Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation Offers Ways to Give

In addition to larger gift options like the Florence Wald Fellow program, HPNF has created several giving societies to best meet the financial ability of every donor.


In addition, the Web site has information that covers every gift that can be accepted by the foundation and explains how gifts can be implemented.

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Finally, a deferred gift is sometimes the easiest and best way to provide a contribution to HPNF. Not everyone has a large amount of disposable income, but almost everyone can designate a portion of their estate to benefit a charitable organization like the HPNF. By simply naming HPNF as a beneficiary in a will, a donor will automatically become a member of the Legacy for Tomorrow Society.


Every gift is a valuable resource that ultimately benefits millions of Americans every year. Our programs and services are made possible because of the many gifts that HPNF receives to promote excellence in end-of-life nursing care.


20/20 Campaign Continues Through December 2006

Please join HPNF in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of HPNA by donating $20 to the foundation in honor of the many programs and services of the association or in memory of a loved one. HPNF is conducting the 20/20 campaign in conjunction with HPNA Chapters to encourage every member to contribute $20. We are grateful for the gifts that HPNF receives. All proceeds from this campaign will benefit the nurses and other healthcare professionals who provide end-of-life care. To make online donations, please go to and click on "donate now."


Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation to Host Florence Wald Fellows Program Dinners

On April 6 and May 25, HPNF hosted two very successful Florence Wald Dinners in Fort Worth, TX, and Cleveland, OH, respectively. The HPNF is grateful to the hosts of these two dinners and looks forward to its final 2006 dinner in Washington, DC. If you are interested in becoming a Florence Wald Fellow to help lead the way to even greater comfort and more dignity at the end of life and higher quality end-of-life care, please contact Connie Cavrich at 412-787-9301 or [email protected].


Self-assessment Examinations Now Available

Self-assessment Examinations for the generalist clinical nurse are now being offered through Applied Measurement Professionals. The Self-assessment Examination is being offered for $35 and can be obtained by contacting Applied Measurement Professionals at 1-888-519-9901. All proceeds from the Self-assessment Examination will benefit HPNF.


Role Delineation Study Welcome

The Registered Nurse Role Delineation Study Advisory Group, along with the technical assistance of the professional testing company Applied Measurement Professionals, is conducting a Role Delineation Study in 2006 for the registered nurse certification examination. The Role Delineation Study, also called a practice analysis, is an intricate component of the certification examination program. This detailed and complex process is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2007. To assure ongoing communications, please be sure that your contact information, including your e-mail address, is updated in the NBCHPNR ) database. If you have changes regarding your address or e-mail, please contact the National Office at 412-787-1057 or [email protected]. Log on to our Web site for more information.