1. Donahue, Marina MS, RN, CDE, NP-C

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Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers: The 3-Step Program


Family Health Media,; 800-366-3641, 434-296-8465. Other Web sites:, Program length: 18 minutes.


This DVD was very thorough. The demonstration of the 3-step program was informative, simplified, and complete, with the expectation of self-care through self-examination. The basic direction of the 3-step program can be understood by all tiers of knowledge and thus can be performed in a straightforward manner at home.


The brief pathophysiology explaining the progression of potential foot ulcers was clear. This particular segment brings explicit understanding of the medical term "neuropathy." It helps the consumer/patient to fully understand the concept regarding daily foot inspection, the rationale for tighter blood glucose control, and the recommendation not to smoke cigarettes.


The foot character, named Archie, is amusing and a fun way to learn because it relates to all. The actors/actresses identified with the population of folks with diabetes. In addition, the health professional narrator who reviewed the steps assisted with incorporating the 3-step process. The Web sites for reference, the notice to the folks that the film is for informational purposes only, and the poster with the 3-step procedure, tips, and pictorials are a complimentary supplement for the consumer.


I strongly recommend this DVD (video) be observed by all nurses to assist in:


1. Enhancing a "must-know" education.


2. Teaching in a simplified and captivating manner to patients.



However, I especially advocate this video be observed by home care nurses because the home care nurse has a special opportunity to bond and educate the patient with diabetes in the patient's home environment, which is more conducive to learning. I also suggest that this video can be observed directly by the home care patient and family because all can benefit from the program.


Marina Donahue MS, RN, CDE, NP-C


is Inpatient Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, South Shore Hospital at South Weymouth, MA.