Emergency Management, HEICS, NIMS, Preparedness, Readiness



  1. Lusby JR, Leonard G. MS, MHA, CHS III


ABSTRACT: Within the context of emergency management, the difference between preparedness and readiness is discussed. A 5-step approach is presented to help identify the readiness of individuals to execute their facility's emergency management plans. Step 1 is a 10-question self-evaluation. Suggestions for identifying individual and plan deficiencies are also presented. A short discussion regarding emergency management exercises/drills and their importance is provided. In addition, information regarding Hospital Emergency Incident Command System III and the new Hospital Emergency Incident Command System IV compliance with the National Incident Management System is also presented. The argument can be made that no one is ever fully prepared or is 100% ready because readiness is an ongoing development process. Although that may be true, one can reasonably prepare for identified potential events. Readiness certainly falls within the scope of continuous quality improvement.