1. Lee, Yeon Soo MD, PhD
  2. Lee, Sook Joung MD, PhD
  3. Choi, Eunseok MD, PhD
  4. Lee, Il Woo MD, PhD
  5. Yi, Jinseok MD, PhD
  6. Lee, Sangjee MD, PhD
  7. Chang, So-Youn MD


Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most aggressive malignancies and primarily arises intracranially. It rarely coexists with other tumors. Here, we report an anomalous case of a patient who had GBM combined with a bone tumor of the femur. As new treatment options have been developed, the survival rate of patients with GBM has increased incrementally; thus, clinicians will encounter patients with extracranial metastases or combined with other diseases. Although extracranial GBM metastases and GBM combined with other tumors are rare, comprehensive whole-body evaluations are needed for proper management and therapeutic strategies.