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In April, the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) held its 2006 national clinical conference in Philadelphia, PA, with more than 650 health care professionals, faculty, and exhibitors in attendance. "This premier forum, held annually, brings together leading experts in wound care to engage in a multidisciplinary, international exchange of ideas," said Steven Kravitz, DPM, FAPWCA, FACFAS, Executive Director of the APWCA.


"Attendance at the APWCA annual clinical conference has increased dramatically each year as US and worldwide interest in wound care has grown," he said. In fact, faculty members from around the globe participated in the conference this year, including Michael Edmonds, MD, United Kingdom; R. Gary Sibbald, MD, BSc, FRCPC (Med) (Derm), FAPWCA, MEd, Canada; Kshitiji Shankhdhar, MD, FAPWCA, India; and Edwin Ampadu, MD, Ghana.


Among the many highlights of the 2006 conference sessions was a presentation on Buruli ulcers by Dr Ampadu, who is Chief of the Buruli Ulcer Project in Accra, Ghana. Buruli ulcers are considered one of the world's most debilitating chronic conditions related to wound care. The APWCA has made a commitment to work with Dr Ampadu and others to raise awareness of this ulcerative disease that affects young individuals in many emerging countries.


Other sessions covered the global perspective of the diabetic foot, osteomyelitis, topical antimicrobials, diabetic neuropathy, and antibiotic use.


In addition, the APWCA board of directors voted to end open enrollment to the association at its recent meeting. A termination date for open enrollment has not been announced. The alternate pathways to become a Fellow, Diplomate, or Associate of the APWCA are being developed.


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