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  1. Castro, Aimee R. MSc(A), RN
  2. Arnaert, Antonia PhD, RN
  3. Moffatt, Karyn PhD
  4. Kildea, John PhD
  5. Bitzas, Vasiliki PhD, RN
  6. Tsimicalis, Argerie PhD, RN


The informal caregiver experience has surged as a research topic in health care, including in nursing. However, the "informal" language is controversial, lacking conceptual clarity. Without a common understanding of who an "informal caregiver" may be, nurses may fail to consistently identify informal caregivers requiring support. Therefore, a concept analysis of "informal caregiver" was conducted on the basis of a sample of 20% of relevant nursing literature. The analysis of the attributes, antecedents, consequences, and contexts associated with "informal caregiver" offers a foundational guide for the ongoing development of nurses' understanding of the informal caregiver role.