1. Fife, Patricia DeAngelis MPA, RN

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"'It Would Be Nice to Think We Could Have a Voice': Exploring RN Involvement in Hospital Staffing Policymaking" (Original Research, October 2022) is so relevant and necessary. Nurse involvement in staffing policymaking is an area that should be, but is often not, addressed. It is an area that affects staff turnover, patient care, and patient outcomes.


One way to ensure that staff nurses do have a voice in policies affecting staffing would be for accrediting bodies such as state departments of health and the Joint Commission to implement standards pertaining to this issue. Such standards could include how nurses' input on staffing policies is addressed and implemented and how it is measured.


For too long staff nurses have not been included in staffing policies. They are the ones closest to these issues and are the most knowledgeable about them. Their insights should not be ignored.


Patricia DeAngelis Fife, MPA, RN


Merrick, NY