organization of care and work, participatory intervention, productivity gains



  1. Lavoie-Tremblay, Melanie PhD, RN
  2. Viens, Chantal PhD, RN
  3. Leclerc, Martine Mayrand MHA, PhD, RN
  4. Bergevin, Angele MAdm (c), RN
  5. Lefrancois, Linda MSc
  6. Tremblay, Andre MSc


A Montreal-area hospital implemented organizational changes to improve the psychosocial environment for patients and health care workers and enhance organizational efficiency. This article describes a participatory approach to improving the organization of care and work, an approach focused on productivity gains in an organization. Productivity gains were analyzed in 13 units of the Department of Nursing, which had introduced a series of organizational changes. Changes introduced in care and work organization led to productivity gains in all units overseen by the Nursing Directorate. A reorganization of care and work based on the psychosocial work environment and staff participation can have positive outcomes, both for employees and for the wider organization.