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At the 2022 National Magnet Conference(R), leaders of the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Recognition Program(R) introduced Magnet Recognition with Distinction (Magnet With Distinction), a new designation recognizing the highest performing Magnet(R) organizations around the world. Magnet With Distinction is based on validated empirical data, and only a select few hospitals will achieve this elite level of performance. They will serve as exemplary role models for nursing excellence and for creating an environment of care that improves patient outcomes. This month's Magnet Perspectives explores Magnet With Distinction, why it was created, how organizations can achieve it, and who is eligible. The column also discusses the value of implementing a tiered approach to the Magnet program.


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For more than 25 years, American Nurses Credentialing Center's (ANCC's) Magnet Recognition Program(R) has provided a roadmap to advance nursing excellence, with contented staff at its core. Optimal job satisfaction results in lower nurse attrition and an improved patient experience. From its origins in the 1980s, Magnet's(R) purpose has been to support nursing practice through a constant commitment to excellence. The ANCC and the Commission on Magnet Recognition (COM) seek to ensure that the program continues to reflect that commitment and promote nurses at the forefront of healthcare.

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The dynamic state of today's healthcare environment, with increased competition and decreased resources exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, creates a challenging climate to demonstrate a sustained culture of excellence. With that in mind, the COM has created a tiered approach to Magnet designation, allowing organizations that qualify to be designated with distinction. To determine the criteria for the Magnet With Distinction a statistical analysis of 68 organizations designated under the 2019 criteria was conducted.


Magnet With Distinction celebrates hospitals and healthcare organizations that exceed the scoring thresholds required to attain Magnet designation. It raises the bar to recognize top-tier organizations that have achieved the highest level of nursing excellence while addressing emerging challenges and changes in healthcare moving forward.


Magnet is unique among nursing recognition programs because of the rigor and comprehensive nature of the Magnet Model(R) and its 5 components: Transformational Leadership, Structural Empowerment, Exemplary Professional Practice, New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements, and Empirical Outcomes.1 Organizations must outperform the statistical benchmark in measures such as nurse satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and nursing-sensitive patient outcomes. As the standard of excellence is continually raised, and the gap between real and perceived outcomes narrows, there is an opportunity to differentiate top performers among Magnet organizations.


Magnet With Distinction FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions about the new recognition.


Who Is Eligible for Magnet With Distinction?

Any organization seeking Magnet designation or redesignation is eligible.


What Is the Process?

Magnet With Distinction is determined based on the review process. Organizations apply and are reviewed in the standard document submission manner. Those that meet the criteria listed below will be notified during the COM call.


How Does an Organization Achieve Magnet With Distinction?

There are 2 paths:


* No deficiencies in any component and an exemplar in RN engagement or


* No deficiencies in any component, 2 or more exemplars in patient experience, and 2 or more exemplars in nursing-sensitive indicators



How Are Organizations Recognized?

ANCC's designation letter and certificate will denote the Magnet With Distinction recognition, and all organizations that achieve this level will be celebrated at the annual National Magnet Conference(R).


When Does Magnet With Distinction Take Effect?

The designation goes into effect with ANCC's 2023 Magnet Application Manual,1 released in January 2023. Organizations submitting under the 2023 manual will be eligible to achieve Magnet With Distinction.


How Will Magnet With Distinction Impact Nursing and Health Care?

Magnet With Distinction will compel higher levels of evidence-based practice, care delivery excellence, and optimal patient outcomes. This designation gives hospitals and healthcare organizations another way to demonstrate the value of nursing care to their communities.




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