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diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, felt foot plate, foot, offloading, ulcer



  1. Christensen, Deborah MSN, FNP, CWON
  2. Botchway, Albert PhD


OBJECTIVE: To determine (1) if offloading with a felt foot plate heals a diabetic foot ulcer, (2) the rate of healing with the felt foot plate, and (3) the impact on rate of healing from the confounding factors of patient weight and growth factors on healing times.


METHODS: The researchers conducted a retrospective chart cohort review over 3 years.


RESULTS: Using a multivariable linear and logistic regression model, the data showed a statistically significant reduction in the diabetic foot ulcer area over time. Confounding factors of patient weight and growth factors did not impact healing times.


CONCLUSIONS: Offloading a diabetic foot ulcer with a felt foot plate is adequate for healing.