diabetic foot ulcer, education, interprofessional, local wound care, multidisciplinary, negative-pressure wound therapy



  1. Xu, Beihua BSN
  2. Song, Xia BSN
  3. Weng, Yajuan MSN, MBA, RN


ABSTRACT: A multidisciplinary team (MDT) approach is the most efficient way to treat many chronic and serious diseases. In this case report, providers sought to implement an MDT approach to treat a patient with diabetes and foot ulcers, actively involving the patient's caregiving family members. Comprehensive evaluation, blood sugar control, and timely referral were established as the primary treatment course. Negative-pressure wound therapy was applied to completely remove necrotic tissue debris and seropurulent discharge from the foot ulcers under the consultation of the MDT team. Local wound management, protection of the periwound skin, and health education for the patient's wound care nurse specialists were integral to the treatment outcome. After 3 months of treatment, the patient's right foot wound bed was improved, and further skin-grafting surgery was performed to accelerate the healing process during follow-up treatments.