dermatoscopy, foreign bodies, polypropylene, suture, wound healing



  1. Ozcan, Yunus MD
  2. Gamsizkan, Mehmet MD


ABSTRACT: Cutaneous foreign bodies are a well-known cause of delayed wound healing and complications such as abscesses, fistula formation, and secondary infections. Polypropylene sutures are widely utilized in cutaneous surgery because they easily travel through tissues while eliciting minimal tissue reactions. Despite these advantages, retained polypropylene sutures can cause complications. The authors report a case of a retained polypropylene suture that remained buried after a total excision 3 years prior. It started to cause cutaneous symptoms when the patient began exercising 1 week prior to presentation. The authors also examine the dermatoscopic and dermatopathologic features and other complications related to retained polypropylene sutures that have been reported in the literature.