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* "If older people with cancer . . . want to come to the ED, . . . I'm a fierce advocate for that. But most tell me that's never where they wanted to end up and certainly not where they wanted to die," writes palliative care NP Marian Grant in her post, "Preventable and Aggressive Care for Cancer Patients: To the Bitter End" (


* Nurse Tanya Parker showcases her collaging skills and explains how collage helps her unwind in "Relaxing: An Undervalued Skill as a Nurse" (


* "The advantage of having bedside RNs trained as SANEs [sexual assault nurse examiners] is the best hope for increasing access to care following sexual assaults and rapes," says Patricia Speck, a professor and coordinator of advanced forensic nursing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing, in her post, "40 Years of Forensic Nursing and Current Opportunities in Remote Sexual Assault Care" (



"I worked for years in home hospice. Sometimes our patients called 911 in a panic, but if we got to the house in time, we were often able to keep them at home and comfortable." "Self-care should be integrated into the nursing education curriculum." "Perhaps it is time to reassess how training the future nurses we will need can be made affordable and sustainable." "No matter how many times we say, 'I need to take care of myself' we don't."