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  1. Ahlin, Catharina MSc, RN
  2. Klang-Soderkvist, Birgitta PhD, RN
  3. Brundin, Seija RN
  4. Hellstrom, Birgitta RN
  5. Pettersson, Karin BScN, RN
  6. Johansson, Eva PhD, RN


The objectives of this study were to evaluate registered nurses' (RN) compliance with a local clinical central venous access device (CVAD) protocol after completing an educational program and to determine RNs' perception of the program. Seventy-five RNs working in hematology participated in the educational part of the program. Sixty-eight RNs were examined while changing CVAD dressings or placing a Huber needle into a port on actual patients. Sixty percent of the RNs passed the examination and reported that the program increased their knowledge. The results indicated that the educational program could be recommended for use when implementing a new clinical protocol.