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A survey spotlights the 'forgotten stroke survivor.'


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According to a National Stroke Association survey, more than 40% of people who have suffered a stroke do not get the proper rehabilitation needed for the improvement of their lives. "Because more than two-thirds of people who sustain a stroke will survive, it's important that they know about all their rehabilitation options for getting the best possible treatment for their particular situation," said Gerard E. Francisco, a physician with the association, in a press release.


Among the conditions that most affect stroke survivors-including depression, pain, and difficulty in performing daily tasks-losses of movement and mobility are the biggest concern to 53% of those surveyed. For this problem, only 3% of respondents were offered intrathecal baclofen therapy, a drug that relieves muscle spasticity; 57% were given motion exercises and 33% were given injection drug therapy. For more information, go to


Joy Jacobson


managing editor


National Stroke Association. New survey emphasizes need for more, better care after stroke. 2006 Jul 11.