1. Brown, Lana M. PhD, RN, NEA-BC
  2. Gauss, C. Heath MS
  3. Billings, Pamela DNP, APRN-C
  4. Minor, Lisa MSN, RN
  5. Moore, Jade T. MS, RN
  6. Sawyer, Linda M. PhD, APRN
  7. Sparks, Diane MA, RN
  8. Sullivan, Sheila Cox PhD, RN


Background: The demand for nursing care is rising in the long-term care setting. Nurse staffing is a crucial measure linked to health care quality measure outcomes.


Purpose: To assess for associations between nursing hours per patient day (NHPPD) and outcome measures in the Veterans Health Administration Community Living Centers.


Methods: A retrospective data review of NHPPD and quality measures for 134 community living centers was conducted. Linear regression was used to assess for linear associations between average total NHPPD and 6 quality measures.


Results: A significant linear association was found between average total NHPPD and falls with major injury (P = .02) and help with activities of daily living (P = .01). No associations were found between nurse staffing and 4 other quality measures.


Conclusions: This study adds to the body of literature regarding the impact of nurse staffing on quality measures.