1. Pehlivan Sar[latin dotless i]budak, Tugba PhD, RN
  2. Guner, Perihan PhD, RN
  3. Cepni, Berrin MSc, RN


Background: Compassion fatigue, stress, and burnout have an adverse impact on nurse managers.


Purpose: To evaluate the impact of a compassion fatigue resiliency program on nurse managers and to obtain their views of the program.


Methods: This mixed-methods study was conducted with 16 nurse managers. The compassion fatigue resiliency program was implemented; compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction, burnout, perceived stress, and resilience were assessed before and after implementation of the program.


Results: The mean compassion fatigue and perceived stress scores of nurses decreased significantly after the intervention. Four themes were identified from qualitative analysis, including awareness, coping with stress, effective communication skills in team management, and recommendations.


Conclusions: The current study shows the training program reduced nurse managers' compassion fatigue and stress and enabled nurse managers to improve their coping skills and awareness.