1. Yoder, Claire L. McKinley PhD, RN, CNE
  2. Kyoshi-Teo, Hiroko PhD, RN
  3. Ochoa-Cosler, Olivia BS, RN


Background: Accidental falls are common among older adults and may lead to devastating consequences. One promising approach to reduce falls is to engage older adults in fall risk reduction through care management.


Purpose: This article describes the implementation by undergraduate nursing students of a 6-week interdisciplinary Fall Prevention Care Management (FPCM) intervention to improve the safety of older adults living in assisted living facilities.


Methods: A secondary qualitative descriptive analysis of narrative visit notes was conducted using the Meyer et al taxonomy to characterize fall prevention interventions with older adults.


Results: Individualized fall prevention interventions including motivational interviewing and care management supported clients' engagement with fall prevention by facilitating behavior change related to fall prevention, helping clients identify and reflect on meaning and/or perceptions related to fall prevention.


Conclusion: The FPCM project was acceptable, facilitated high fall risk older adults' engagement with fall prevention, and yielded many positive outcomes.