1. Gellasch, Patricia PhD, APN-C
  2. Johnson, Sandy BA
  3. Walsh, Tracy A. MPH


Background: Innovative technologies, such as the SNOO Smart Sleeper responsive bassinet (SNOO), may offer support to neonatal clinicians in their work environment.


Purpose: The objectives of this study were to describe the experiences of clinicians when using the SNOO in their clinical settings, including their perceptions of the SNOO on the quality of infant care and their work environment.


Methods: A retrospective, secondary analysis was conducted using 2021 survey data across 44 hospitals participating in the SNOO donation program. Respondents included 204 clinicians, predominantly neonatal nurses.


Results: The SNOO was used in a variety of clinical scenarios, including with fussy, preterm, and healthy full-term infants, as well as substance-exposed infants experiencing withdrawal. The SNOO was perceived as a driver of positive infant and parent experiences, including enhanced quality of care. Respondents perceived the SNOO as providing them with support in their daily caring for newborns, reducing their stress, and helping them in lieu of hospital volunteers. Clinicians reported an average time savings of 2.2 hours per shift.


Implications for Practice and Research: Results from this study provide evidence for future evaluation of the SNOO as a technology for hospitals to adopt to improve neonatal clinician satisfaction and retention, as well as improve the quality of patient care and parental satisfaction.