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Special care needs, Patient needs, Critically ill patients, Critical care nurses



  1. Godfrey, Brittany
  2. Parten, Connie MSN, RN, CNS
  3. Buckner, Ellen B. DSN, RN


The purposes of this study were to assess (a) the critically ill patient's and critical care nurse's identification and perception of special care needs and (b) the relationship between the patient's and nurse's perception of the identified special care needs. A qualitative approach, using linked data and open-ended surveys, was used to identify common themes and patterns in data. Data collection took place over a 2-month period at a metropolitan research hospital in the Southeast. Common themes and patterns of identified special care needs were recognized across data and with linked data between the patient and nurse. Findings indicate that both nurses and patients feel that the special care needs of the patient are being met. Common needs currently identified by the patient include miscommunication, anxiety, pain, and relaxation. Common needs currently identified by the nurses include pain management, nausea, and comfort.