1. Crump, Laura MSc(A)
  2. Gosselin, Emilie PhD
  3. D'Addona, Melissa MSc(A)
  4. Feeley, Nancy PhD, FCAN


Background: As some neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) shift toward mixed-room designs, with different room types available throughout family's stays, there is a need to better understand parent perceptions of this transition.


Methods: This study used a qualitative descriptive design to describe parent perceptions of transitioning from a 6-bed pod to a single family room in a mixed-room design NICU. Purposive sampling was used to recruit 10 mothers and 7 fathers who were regularly present on the unit before and after the transition. Semistructured telephone interviews were conducted a minimum of 2 days after the transition occurred. Interviews were transcribed and then analyzed using reflexive thematic analysis.


Findings: Four themes were identified: going into the unknown; approaching the finish line; becoming comfortable in the new reality and seeing the benefits; and gaining autonomy and confidence in parenting.


Conclusion: These results further our understanding of the transition process from a 6-bed pod to a single-family room for parents in the NICU. Staff should be sensitized to this experience to provide tailored information and support for parents throughout the transition.