1. Sabo, Julie Ann RN, MN, CCRN, APRN-BC

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Janet Houser and Joanna Bokovoy. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006. $42.95. ISBN 0-7637-3875-1. 227 pp.


The purpose of this book is to help the bedside clinician identify, understand, and use research findings in practice. The text provides a step-by-step approach to reading, critiquing, applying, designing, and implementing research in the clinical setting. It is divided into 4 sections. Part 1 serves as an introduction describing the role of research in clinical practice and as a guide to bedside clinical projects. Part 2 focuses on building a foundation for developing bedside clinical projects. It describes how to focus on a clinical research question, review the literature, and gain organizational approval. Organizational approval includes institutional review board process and description and gaining support from leadership and those staff who will be affected by the research project. Part 3 describes study designs, methods, and sampling and includes a nicely written description of statistical methods that is easy to understand for novices and intermediate-level researchers. Part 4 outlines the final steps in using results for clinical research, survey development, and dissemination of research results. Each chapter contains short vignettes such as "Concepts in action," "Hitting the stacks," and "For more depth and detail." These provide examples of concepts discussed in the chapter, brief reviews of studies highlighting the concepts discussed, and further resources. The text is well organized, and its style is engaging and useful for novice and those with some experience in research. It is well suited for the graduate nursing student or a practicing clinical nurse specialist who is a novice in developing his or her own research. It would be a helpful addition to those assisting others in research and desiring to learn more on their own.