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  1. Mellichamp, Paula RN, MSN, CHPN


Carey, diagnosed with Trisomy 13, was 4 months old when he died. The moment of his death was really quite beautiful. He looked so peaceful resting in his mother's arms. She kissed him softly and said her good-byes. Tears stained her cheeks as Carey's father gently put his arms around both of them. They relaxed as he took his last breath, confident that they had done their best in caring for him. They had given Carey the best 4 months he could have. They will always remember him.


After a few moments alone with Carey, they handed him to the hospice nurse. She and the social worker took care of the last-minute arrangements while the extended family members consoled one another. That night, the family began a new phase of their journey, carrying the memories of Carey and his life with them forever.