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I am writing regarding the article "Men in Nursing: Hard-Wired for Adventure!!" by Richard Haas (spring 2006). I am a male, currently majoring in nursing after eighteen years in computer engineering. I was glad that JCN attempted the complex issue of men in nursing; we need greater understanding between male and female nursing colleagues.


From my perspective, not all men are hard-wired for adventure. Although nursing definitely has adventures, and is a battle metaphorically, I did not switch careers for lack of battles. I switched because I was called to care.


I wonder about the way the author defined "a beauty to rescue." If I understood him correctly, it is within the male heart to stand up for the vulnerable. I don't see this as a male characteristic; it is a human characteristic-both male and female. Since God's heart is for the vulnerable, as nurses we need similar hearts as we advocate for our patients.


Regarding Nurses' Day, I agree that most (not all) men would not find a floral bouquet to be meaningful. I suggest a gift certificate to a book store as another option.


Not all men in nursing are offended by being called a male nurse. When someone says to me, "You are going to be a male nurse?" I often joke, stating, "I tried to be a female nurse, but I always failed the physical exam." As men in nursing, especially as Christ-followers, we need to consider the person's heart and intention when they mention "male nurse." Do not respond unkindly when someone has no intention of doing you harm. As nurses, we are supposed to care and have the know-how to develop therapeutic relationships with others.


Daniel Wu


Mountain View, CA



Recently our NCF group reviewed the JCN issue relating to aging (spring 2006). We were so encouraged as we looked at the articles. I am passing along this issue to a friend whom I believe will find it helpful.


Laura M Hall


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


The article by Pat Emery ("When Memory Fails," winter 2006)was excellent. I am passing this article along to a few nurse friends that work in a long-term care center. They will find the information helpful. I hope to read more articles by this author.


Caroly Babcock


Malvern, PA



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