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  1. Harris, Karen MSN, RN,C, WHNP
  2. Spinweber, Carol MS, RN, ACNP
  3. Doherty, Marie BSN, RN
  4. Milligan, Lorraine MSN, RN-BC
  5. Addy, Linda MSN, APRN-BC
  6. Hydo, Beverly MSN, APRN-BC


The purpose of this article is to describe the integration of a nurse model into practice. The goal of the model was to formulate a well-developed professional self-concept, enabling nurses to articulate the facets of nursing. The facets provide a basis for evaluations and a foundation for clinical nurse specialists to use for professional development during rounds and inservice programs. Various activities were conducted to ensure a comprehensive model that was effective, thereby creating an environment of clinical excellence.