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Chicago is known as a successful business center with a diverse, vital economy. It's also a tourism center with world-renowned restaurants, museums, theater, music, sports, and more. Come springtime, it'll be home to Nursing Management's 5th Annual Recruitment & Retention Conference, to be held at the Hilton Chicago May 4 to 6.


Each year, our goal is to continue to surpass the level of expectation our attendees have for the conference. This year is no exception, as our top-rated faculty have cutting-edge sessions planned in areas such as managing the intergenerational workforce, why employees quit, men in nursing, and much more. Over the next 3 months, Nursing Management will offer a closer look at some upcoming sessions guaranteed to inspire nurse managers concerned with engaging and preserving their healthcare staff.


Expert advice

As researchers begin to integrate process models with content models of turnover, a better understanding of interventions that work to avoid turnover are being discovered. Beth A. Brooks, RN, FACHE, PhD, Senior Partner, Health Care, JWT Employment Communications, will briefly review research on nurse turnover and offer evidence-based solutions during her session "Why Employees Quit: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives."


"Implementing management evidence is as important as implementing clinical evidence," explains Brooks. "This session will highlight some of the latest turnover evidence and include solid, practical interventions that can be implemented to prevent this from happening."


A large proponent of turnover is negativity in the workplace. Gallup polling reveals that 99 out of 100 workers want a more positive work environment, meaning most people are unhappy in their professional surroundings. To combat this, Jo Manion, RN, CNAA, PhD, Manion & Associates, will examine the frustrating issue of negativity in the workplace and offer suggestions on how to eliminate unenthusiastic behaviors during her session "Managing Negativity in the Workplace."


"Great professionals are looking for great places to work," says Manion. "Chronic complainers, whiners, slackers, and bullies suck the energy from those around them-we can't afford to not deal with these debilitating traits. A key to creating a workplace culture that attracts and keeps these great employees is developing positivity at work. This means we have to manage and reduce the negativity that typifies many of our current environments."


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Register for Nursing Management's Recruitment & Retention Conference at 1-800-346-7844, ext. 6591 or 7750, or fax 1-856-218-0557. For more information or to register online, visit To reserve a room at the Hilton Chicago, call 1-877-865-5320.