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aging, disability, home automation system, home health monitoring system, personal digital assistant



  1. Mann, William C. OTR, PhD
  2. Belchior, Patricia OT
  3. Tomita, Machiko R. PhD
  4. Kemp, Bryan J. PhD


The purpose of this study was to understand elders' perception on 3 assistive technology devices that might enhance their safety and independence at home. This study also aimed to describe the perceptions of older persons who did not use these devices and their reasons for not using them. The following assistive technology devices were investigated: (1) personal digital assistant; (2) home automation systems; and (3) home health monitoring systems. Six hundred seventy-three older persons with chronic physical conditions were surveyed in 2001-2002. Although smart technology will play an increasingly important role in promoting independent living for older persons this study found that it has been underutilized by this population.