1. Kalman, Melanie PhD, CNS

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The purpose of this assignment was to provide students with the opportunity to apply change and business concepts learned in class when speaking to organizational leaders. A second purpose was to document the value of CNSs to area hospitals.



CNS students entered the program with a good understanding of the patient and the nursing spheres but not the organizational sphere. As adult learners, this student assignment provided application tothe organizational sphere. In addition students needed to learn to demonstrate CNS impact. The cost-benefit analysis provided both.



NACNS has identified competencies for CNS students that include assessing problems and documenting the impact of CNS practice. This assignment helped students to meet both of those competencies. By sharing information with the organization on finances, the impact of CNS practice is documented.



In the final CNS role course, students performed a cost-benefit analysis at their clinical site. In the assignment, students explained why this issue was chosen, which spheres of influence were affected, and listed outcomes to be measured. Also included was a table of costs and expected savings in dollars. A summary report was sent to VPs of Nursing and CEOs by the college describing the student projects and the savings incurred.



Originally, students were apprehensive about this project but, on completion, voiced how much they learned and the importance of learning this skill. Many of the students' preceptors were excited about the information they received from this project. One preceptor worked with the student in order to learn how to do cost-benefit analysis. The potential savings for the 7 projects was $9,303,200, and the actual savings of the 4 implemented projects was $293,700.



The cost-benefit analysis taught students to assess problems and document the impact of CNS practice within the organizational sphere. The report sent by the college to the organizations demonstrated that CNSs are cost-effective.


Implications for Practice:

The NACNS recommends competencies CNS students need to master. This assignment helped students to assess problems and document the impact of CNS practice. It also resulted in positive public relations for the College of Nursing.