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health care, international health care, overutilization, quality of care and sustainability



  1. Al Dhawi, Ali A. MD, MHA
  2. West, Daniel J. Jr PhD
  3. Spinelli, Robert J. DBA
  4. Gompf, Teresa A. MHA


The health care system in Oman is being reformed. During the last 3 decades, the Oman health care system has demonstrated and reported great achievements in health care services and preventive and curative medicine. In 2001, Oman was ranked number 1 by the World Health Organization as a result of its "spectacular performance" in reducing infant mortality rates during the past 3 decades. However, the health care system in Oman is challenged by sustainability of achievement. This article identifies current health status indicators and efforts made to maintain health outcomes in Oman. Threats to the health care system are identified, and international financing opportunities are evaluated to develop a model for sustaining health care reform in Oman.